Occupy Hope – Moderator Mardi Tindal

Mardi Tindal, Moderator of The United Church of Canada, has shared some thoughts about the “# Occupy” movement in her blog. The following is an excerpt from her blog, that can be found at: http://www.wondercafe.ca/blogs/moderator-mardi-tindal/occupy-hope

“These actions are deeply rooted in the tradition of the United Church which as early as 1934, in the midst of the Depression, called members and ministers to “to study and understand the existing social order…to arouse the Christian conscience when injustice and intolerable conditions are discovered.” The church’s 2006 report, Living Faithfully in the Midst of Empire, identifies national and global inequalities that threaten life. Indeed the richest 10 percent of adults in the world own 85 percent of global household wealth. This inequality challenges the faith we profess as followers of Jesus.
The Occupy movement has prompted strong reactions.  The New York Times characterized the outrage against the peaceful protests as “remarkably hysterical.”

Much has been made of the fact that the Occupy movement, which describes itself as “a leaderless resistance movement with people of many colours, genders, and political persuasions,” appears to have no coherent goals. What is it resisting? Where does it want to go?
For my part, I see the movement as both a search for hope and a statement of hope, made by people who have come to believe that something is deeply wrong in the staggering inequality of our current society. I don’t think it is required of anyone to provide a complete, documented solution before they’re allowed to express concern. To the contrary, recognizing that “something is not right” is the essential first step toward defining change.


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