Occupy Toronto poetry


The following poem was written by “bury reader” . It is being offered for your reflections, and the nurture of your spirit of social justice and solidarity:


It’s not just about occupying a park.

It’s about occupation.


A place of occupying being


A place where all are welcome

Where food, shelter and compassion are abundant

for those on the edge and the other 99%.

We only ask that we come together so all have enough.


The sacred fire burns bright.

May it not be put out tonight.

They who rest their souls in tents

on stolen land but owned by the church.


With the Mayor ready to evict

And waiting on courts rule

Will there be justice

Or will they forget that holy books

were written about people who lived in tents

who strived for justice and compassion.


Will there be compassion?

Will there be passion?

Will there be a chance to talk out our space?

Or will it be a G20 with gates.

bury reader


Posted November 21, 2011 by allanbaker in #Occupy Toronto

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