Newtonbrook United Church remembers

Dedication of a memorial plaque

At the Newtonbrook Drop Inn

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Newtonbrook United Church (NUC) and the Taiwanese United Church in Toronto (TUCT) believe that every child of God deserves to eat proper nutritious meals and to receive community support. Presently, too may people go without nutritious meals because they do not have enough income to pay rent, or their rental payments eat up most of their income. Some people in Toronto live on the street, cut off from support of any kind. The mission of our Drop Inn is to provide a warm, caring, safe environment where our guests can enjoy a hot nourishing lunch, have the opportunity to be with others, and receive support and assistance.

Jesus asked us to, “Love one another.”

Unfortunately, over the years, some of our guests have died. On Wednesday, March 21, 2012 we dedicated a plaque to the memory of 19 of our guests whose names we know, and who are no longer with us in the flesh.

Gordon Robertson, from the congregation of Newtonbrook United Church, described the reasons for the plaque, and how our hearts go out to our neighbours.

Here is the prayer of dedication:

God of the whole human family,

we thank you for all that was beautiful and good

in the lives of the people whose names are on this plaque.

May the people who travelled the road of life with us

continue to be remembered by the presence of their names.

May your peace be with them,

and with all who come into this space,

for we are all your children,

and we are all blessed by you, loving God. Amen.

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