David Suzuki visits Bullfrog

Newtonbrook United Church uses Bullfrog Power as its source of electricity, thus reducing its carbon footprint. More information on Bullfrog Power, and how to use this methodology to reduce your personal carbon footprint, can be found on their website: http://www.bullfrogpower.com/home/home.cfm

The following note was a part of Bullfrog Power’s newsletter.

“We were honoured to have renowned Canadian environmentalist Dr. David Suzuki visit with our Toronto office this past March. Dr. Suzuki’s talk brought home the seriousness of climate change and inspired us all to do more—including change our world view—to prevent it.

According to Suzuki, one of the biggest challenges we face as a society is our anthropocentric world view—which puts humans at the centre of everything. We do not fully appreciate the fact that the health and well being of the environment determines our survival and state of well being. Too often, society, the economy and the environment are thought of on equal terms, contributing to the illusion that humans have the power to manage, or balance, the needs of each. Dr. Suzuki strongly advocates that we adhere to a bio-centric world view that that understands our existence as part of a larger and much more complex natural system. It is a system that we need to sustain.

Suzuki also reflected on a change in his own place and perspective in the world—as an elder. No longer bound by the needs and instincts of youth, he can fully focus on his role of observer and educator. Dr. Suzuki imparted that he is counting on us, and future generations, to carry on his work for the environment.

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