Our Arctic Legacy

The following is a copy of a letter that I received today (September 20, 2012). It speaks for itself.

My question is: What kind of legacy are we leaving for the world to cope with? What makes it OK for this present generation to continue to contribute to climate change?

Dear  Allan,

A very sad record has been broken today. The extent of the Arctic sea ice has reached its lowest point in recorded history. This is terrible news for our planet in many ways – first because the Arctic is the canary in the coal mine, warning us that climate change is happening faster than predicted. Second, because the melting ice is itself accelerating climate change – less ice means the ocean warms faster than ever.

>> The Arctic needs to be protected. Sign now.

polar bear

This is terrible news. Yet, oil companies, Shell first among them, are seeing this not as a call to stop climate change, but as a business opportunity. As the ice melts, they see a possibility to start drilling for oil in places that are opening up. Shell tried- and thankfully failed – to drill in Alaska this year. But they will be back next year, and as the fossil fuels they drill for are burnt, climate change is accelerated…

We will not stand for this. This summer, Greenpeace took action against both Shell and Gazprom, in Alaska, in the Russian Arctic, and also around the world. But we can’t do it without you. The movement to save the Arctic is very active – and will not let oil companies intent on destroying the home of the polar bear off the hook. Join us.

Thank you,


PS: Another sad record: 687 kilometers. That’s the longest a mother polar bear had to swim last year to reach the sea ice and hunt. Her cub did not survive the trip.


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