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Ched Myers was in Toronto on September 26 / 27, 2012; teaching at a United Church of Canada event called, “Growing Justice”. Ched is a member of the Bartimaeus cooperative; a biblical scholar, and a teacher who lives his Christian faith – one who walks the talk.

During his time with us, Ched planted many seeds of hope.  For example, during our study of a parable of Jesus (Mark 4: 1 – 25), Ched shared the following wisdom:

“You can count the beans in the pod,

but you cannot count the pods in the bean.”

This proverb contains seeds of wisdom that provide hope for all of God’s children who are involved in the struggle for social justice in God’s world. To me, this proverb provides an assurance that:

Every hope-filled action;

every act of compassion;

every confrontation of the injustices of the world

is like one of those beans.


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