Democracy ?

” Democracies do not run on autopilot –

they are only as vibrant as the level of participation by our citizens.” (CIW)

November 6, 2012 is what political types call “E Day“. It is a day for elections in the United States of America. Eligible American voters will be casting their ballots for President, and many other positions. This is a part of what Americans refer to as, “democracy.”

Tomorrow there will be many analyses of the results of the elections, including analyses of the number of eligible Americans who actually voted. Pundits and analysts will attempt to measure the health of democracy, as it is practiced in The United States of America, by the level of voter participation.

However, according to the Canadian Index of Wellbeing, a healthy democracy requires ongoing democratic engagement both during and between elections. The CIW measures eight factors that contribute to “democratic engagement”. The following graph is an illustration from research on democracy in Canada.

A line graph of the Democratic Engagement showing in order from greatest value - GDP, Democratic Engagement and CIW.

How Well” is democracy in Canada? Additional information, and the factors involved in this research, can be found at:

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