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Weathercock near Waupoos, Ontario

Living on Earth as if we want to stay

That is the title of the presentation by Mike Nickerson that we experienced last night.

Nickerson contends that when we collectively acknowledge that our planet has limits, and when we accept our responsibility for living within them, then we are fully capable of redirecting our efforts and securing well-being for the next seven generations and beyond.

It is such a positive attitude!

Why would we not want to live on earth AS IF we, and our children and grandchildren, want to stay here?

It really is a “Question of Direction“. Do we need additional weathercocks to show us the way the wind is blowing? The direction to well-being was outlined on the cards that Nickerson distributed.  Some of the words on his card are:

Well-being can be sustained when activities:

1) use materials in continuous cycles.

2) use continuously reliable sources of energy.

3) come mainly from the qualities of being human (i.e. creativity, communication, coordination, appreciation, and spiritual and intellectual development.)

Mike Nickerson’s website is: www.SustainWellBeing.net


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