hands-earthEach year, at the beginning of the month of January, many people make resolutions on how they intend to change their life, or possibly the life of the world they live in. For me, these changes in my lifestyle frequently last for two days, more or less. This year I resolve to do better!

Here is a comment on resolutions that has been written by a Canadian author, Jim Taylor:

”  In the great game of life, there are no spectators. We are all involved.

So for 2013, let us set aside apathy. Let us speak up, and speak out, on issues that affect us. Not by hurling accusations or insults, but by making our views clear. To ourselves, as well as others. We cannot effectively debate issues we haven’t made an effort to understand.

The pages of the new calendar are not blank, after all. They’re filled with invisible invitations.

To make this a better world.

For us, and for all living creatures.”


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