Unconditional Love

IMG_0587This week I was a part of a group that began our time together by reflecting on the following poem by Joyce Rupp – it is published in her book, “Fragments of your Ancient Name”.

 For people of a variety of faith traditions, it is in God where we experience true love. God’s love is a love that is beyond human understanding. 

However, in this poem Joyce Rupp attempts to bridge our limited human understanding of love, and  God’s love that has a depth that is so far beyond our imagination.

Even in the midst of winter snow, there is a love waiting for us to return.


Unconditional Love – 

A poem by Joyce Rupp

You are Love like no other.

Love so large you contain our smallness.

Love so deep you accept our shallowness.

Love so strong you carry our weakness.

Love so wide you enclose our wandering.

Love so tender you experience our hurting.

Love so tolerable you outlive our apathy.

Love so ardent you thaw our coldness.

Love so true you endure our betrayals.

Love so patient you wait for our returning.


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