Ash Wednesday, 2013   Leave a comment

Sunrise at Cape Spear

Sunrise at Cape Spear

Ash Wednesday, 2013

What to do for Lent, 2013?

In 2012 I resolved to give up my silence. I resolved to initiate correspondence each day with someone who is in a position of power in this society. I planned to have each of my letters concern an issue of social justice issue. What am I called to do during Lent 2013?

What will make a difference in God’s world, and in my life as a part of this inter-connected creation?

I have resolved to read a book of daily devotions for Lent, published by the United Church of Canada, called: Diving Deeply.

A friend offered the suggestion of a carbon fast. An Anglican Bishop in South Africa has suggested this, and it would be a “good thing to do”.

Still, I’m uncertain. There is so much wisdom in James1: 22 “ be doers of the word and not hearers only”.

Lent is an important opportunity. I hope not to let it go to waste.


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