Lent 2013 – day 7

IMG_0159What to do in Lent 2013?

Yes, updating one’s theology might be the beginning of a new journey into the unknown, with God’s Spirit. Was that what Sunday’s Gospel reading was about? Did Jesus model the beginning of  his ministry with a wilderness experience, accompanied by God’s Spirit?

On day 7 of Lent 2013 I received a blogpost from a friend in the Roman Catholic denomination of Christianity; Ted Schmidt.  Ted also wrote about updating our theology – no kidding!  

He says that:

“The  bigger story for Christians  is the acknowledgement that we are living in the midst of a massive paradigm shift in history, one in which the old theology is hopelessly unable to discern.”

Part of Ted’s conclusion is that:

” The Church needs to recover its “kingdom” focus, to be a herald of that evolutionary power. When it does maybe religion can make a comeback. Right now most people  have moved beyond it to spirituality.”

The full post can be found at: http://theologyinthevineyard.wordpress.com

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