Lent 2013 – day 8

Trinity Episcopal Church - 1790

Trinity Episcopal Church – 1790

What to DO in Lent?

Is this an opportunity to update one’s theology?

Barbara Brown Taylor begins her book, “An Altar in the World” by writing:

“If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say, “I am spiritual but not religious,”  then I might not be any wiser about what that means – but I would be richer.”

I am tempted to respond to the “spiritual but not religious” meme by responding that “I’m religious, but not spiritual”. It might be interesting to see what response that might bring. Surely, to be religious is to be spiritual. No?

If one is to be a “spiritual person”, does that not mean having a theology? If so, how does that theology relate to all of life on earth; life that began in an instantaneous “big bang”?

Spirituality is, is it not, about relationships?

Religion is, is it not, about relationships?


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