Lent 2013 – day 10

“He set his face to go to Jerusalem.”

Luke 9: 53 (NRSV)

IMG_0435What is one to DO in Lent?

On this 2013 journey through Lent I have been asking questions about updating one’s theology. What would that mean?

Rev. Joan Silcox-Smith has written one of the daily Lenten Reflections that I’m reading in a book called, “Diving Deeply”. Joan’s reflection for Day Ten is on the scripture that is quoted at the beginning of today’s blogpost. She raises the question of whether Jesus knew what the consequences might be when he, “set his face to go to Jerusalem?”

Do I have the courage to gather up my fortitude and begin the journey of updating my theology?

Do I continue to read re-affirming words of authors whose thoughts comfort me, or do I read those whose words I find challenging?

As with Jesus, the journey will bring consequences. Personal growth always has, in my experience.

I can only offer a prayer for the journey:

Ever-present Spirit,

you are always with us;

through every deep valley, and on every mountaintop.

Help me feel your Holy Presence,

that I might be guided in Your Way;

the Way of love and justice. Amen.


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