Lent 2013 – day 17

What is one to DO in Lent?

Is this a season to go deeper and to reflect on updating one’s theology?


In worship on Sunday morning we sang a hymn that had several names for God – rather than the name “Father”. One line of the hymn* began with the words,

“Divine Eternal Lover …”

At the time, this spoke to my heart.

God is Divine!

God is Eternal.

God is the ultimate Love!

The hymn also offers;

“Together we are seeking the road where faith is found.”

I know that, for many, the debate about “inclusive language” has been over for years.  It is history. These folks have “moved on”. In our church we have been singing that wonderful 1986 hymn by Brian Wren called, “Bring Many Names”. Other faith traditions also have a variety of names for the Holy Mystery.

Updating my theology, if I am to walk the talk, means that I need to use many different metaphors for addressing my prayers to God. That is taking a step further along the road where faith is found, no?

* Bless Now, O God, the Journey. A hymn in Voices United, #633


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