Lent 2013 – day 20

What to DO in Lent 2013?

Is this a season to go deeper and to reflect on updating one’s theology?

Grapes in Prince Edward County

Grapes in Prince Edward County

Of course, one of things that we worship in Canada is money, and the economy. It is called, “econotheism.”

A basic statement of belief in the worship of money and the economy is that there isn’t enough of anything. This kind of thinking ignores the abundance of God’s creation, and the abundant gifts of God’s children.

My friend Yvonne Stewart reflected on the false doctrine of “scarcity” at her congregation’s Annual Meeting. Here’s what Yvonne offered to her congregation:

“My major point was that when our present secular society is in debt, we seek to pay it off (for the sake of our children’s future) on the basis of scarcity of money, which justifies making the kind of cuts that leave many members of society worse off.

“God’s people are called in times of deprivation to enter into relationship with the mystery at the heart of life;

  • which is the source of wisdom, love, justice, compassion;

  • to remember God’s abundance,

  • and make decisions which model to our children how we ensure the well being of all members of the community under constrained circumstances, and trust that these decisions will lead to new and faithful directions.”

What if …. what if we were to concentrate on abundance and sharing, rather than scarcity and greed? 

What if … what if my life were to be one in which others could see generosity being lived as a spiritual value?

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