Lac Mégantic: a corporate crime

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Leave it to a “foreign” newspaper to say the obvious and speak truth to power. A truth the CBC news can not begin to utter or even think out loud: Lac-Mégantic is another corporate crime. The CBC is terrified of even more cuts and  dares not upset the Harperites, the true believers in privatization and deregulation.

Ontarians remember the Harper crowd (Flaherty, Baird, Clement) when  under Premier Mike Harris they bulldozed the common good in Ontario. Cut back on regulations was their simplistic mantra and Walkerton was the result. Who can forget the  car dealer Minister of Transport  Al Palladini giving the truckers a free ride until wheels began to fly off unregulated rigs and  kill people. Only then did they pull the death wagons over and found out what everybody knew: Original sin is a reality. Humans and soulless corporations will cut corners whenever they can in the…

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