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IMG_0799IPCC Report Confirms Humans Cause Climate Warming

The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)report released Saturday, states that it is extremely likely (95-99% certainty) that humans have caused over 50% of the global increase in temperature since 1951.  Read more on the 350.org website, which highlights these points:

  • 95%-100% is the same level of certainty as that smoking cigarettes causes cancer

  • The earth has a carbon budget of 1 trillion metric tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere before warming will exceed 2oC, a critical point.  More than half of this budget has already been used.

  • The last three decades have been the three warmest in recorded history.

Articles from The GuardianGlobe and Mail, and The Star analyze the IPCC report.

Many thanks to the Green Awakening Network for this report. http://www.tucc.ca/churchdevelopment/green-awakening-network.html


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