ZooShare biogas co-op

Bullfrog is thrilled to announce that through our Bullfrog Builds initiative, we will be supporting the development of ZooShare’s exciting biogas plant at the Toronto Zoo! The facility, projected to start construction in mid-2014, will turn the zoo’s poo and local grocery waste into electricity, heat and high-quality fertilizer. This community-based project will save more than 12,000 tonnes of GHG emissions from entering the environment, and 10% of its earnings will contribute to conservation programs at the Toronto Zoo.

Organized by ZooShare Biogas Co-operative Inc., a non-profit organization, the 500 kW biogas plant will be the first co-operatively-owned biogas facility in Canada! Bullfrog has been selected as the official education sponsor for the project.

How will it work? The plant will accept poo from the zoo (animals such as rhinos, bison, hippos and pandas will make major contributions!) and food waste from local grocery stores—these materials will be stored for roughly 50 days in an anaerobic digester. This process creates biogas that will be burned in a generator, producing enough electricity to power approximately 250 homes annually. Any leftover material will serve as high-quality fertilizer for local farmers and backyard gardeners.

Thanks to your support for green energy, your green energy dollars are helping to develop innovative renewable projects such as ZooShare.

Learn more about the project—and how to invest through Community Bonds—at zooshare.ca.


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