Nelson Mandela – Madiba

Re-posting an inspiring note about Madiba, written by a South African named Lushendrie, and featuring people from all around God’s world:

Dear friends,

The last great leader of the 20th century — and an inspiration for this new millennium — died here in South Africa yesterday.

Nelson Mandela touched all of us with his courage, his unyielding resistance, and his grace. He knew how to fight, and he knew when to make peace.

Inspired by Mandela’s vision, climate activists made a video last June during the Global Power Shift convergence coordinated by our crew. Please do watch and share the video:

As a South African, I am filled with an overwhelming appreciation for a man that gave the world so much — freedom, love, compassion, empathy, graciousness and of course, himself. Along the way, Mandela and his colleagues helped pioneer the divestment tactic that many climate campaigners are now emulating. I think the tribute he would like the most is the knowledge that people the world over are carrying on his work.

Mandela’s selfless determination is an inspiration to all of us, and we will keep his memory close to our hearts on the road ahead.


Lushendrie for the whole team

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