Good news in Canada

The Rob Ford meltdown in Toronto is hard not to watch. Every day, there’s a fresh outburst followed by another apology.

Most recently, it revolved around lewd comments made by Ford after the release of a new batch of court records. They relate to a drug case in which the Toronto mayor is entangled.

Need a break from the spectacle?

Here’s some good work coming from towns and cities across the country. These municipal initiatives just can’t grab the headlines like Ford can; winning a sustainable-development award from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) just can’t compete.

So here are some of the FCM’s 2013 winning projects:

  • The City of Kingston in Ontario planted hybrid poplars in a former landfill site to reduce leachate seepage into a river.

  • The City of Summerside (PEI) set up a 12-megawatt wind farm.

  • The City of Red Deer in Alberta is pilot-testing a 20-kilometre network of bike lanes on city streets.

  • The City of Yorkton in Sasktachewan built an advanced water filtration plan that incorporates an innovative system to treat backwash.

  • The City of Waterloo in Ontario developed a new sports facility with a rainwater system that uses runoff from two playing fields with artificial turf to irrigate four fields with natural turf.

And even the City of Toronto is managing to get good work done amid the chaos.

On Thursday night, council endorsed the FCM’s efforts to work with the federal government to ensure federally-funded social housing programs are maintained and expiring funding from existing agreements is reinvested into social housing.

The City of Vancouver is also doing its part these days. The city launched the world’s first cigarette recycling program this week in partnership with a recycling company, so smokers can butt out in receptables instead of on the ground.

Take that, Rob Ford.

Photo: photopia. Used under a Creative Commons BY 2.0 licence.

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