Cycles of Cynicism and of Hope

Scarborough's Guild Inn

Scarborough’s Guild Inn

I have been reading a book by Vanessa Farquharson that is called, “Sleeping Naked is Green: how an eco-cynic unplugged her fridge, sold her car, and found love in 366 days”.

In the introduction Farquharson introduces the Cycle of Cynicism and the Cycle of Hope. For many of us who are engaged in eco-justice, or social-justice, these cycles may be familiar.

The first of these lists goes like this:

  1. Finding out about a problem

  2. Wanting to do something to help

  3. Not seeing how  you can help

  4. Not doing anything about it

  5. Feeling sad, powerless, angry

  6. Deciding that nothing can be done

  7. Beginning to shut down

  8. Wanting to know less about problems

(Repeat until apathy results.)

Farquharson then states what she calls the Cycle of Hope:

  1. Taking personal responsibility for being a good person

  2. Creating a vision of a better world based on your values

  3. Seeking out quality information about the world’s problems

  4. Discovering practical options for actions

  5. Acting in line with your values

  6. Recognizing you can’t do everything

(Repeat until a better world results.)

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