Call climate change what it is: violence

“To believe we are not affected by what we read is like thinking a steady diet of junk food will not affect our health.”

Murray Dobbin

Trees in Toronto - December, 2013 ice storm

Trees in Toronto – December, 2013 ice storm

Rebecca Solnit takes this a step further in a discussion about climate change. She wrote in the Guardian on April 7, 2014 that:

“Climate change is anthropogenic – caused by human beings, some much more than others. We know the consequences of that change: the acidification of oceans and decline of many species in them, the slowdisappearance of island nations such as the Maldives, increased flooding, drought, crop failure leading to food-price increases and famine, increasingly turbulent weather. (Think Hurricane Sandy and the recent typhoon in the Philippines, and heat waves that kill elderly people by the tens of thousands.)

Climate change is violence.”

Read the full discussion on how we need to be aware of the language used to describe climate change at:

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