The Leaderless Revolution

Easter sunrise, 2014

Easter sunrise, 2014

The Leaderless Revolution

by Carne Ross

For those who are struggling with the fact that “the system” is broken, and who are looking for some positive thinking about alternatives, this book may be helpful.

Carne Ross synthesizes the thesis of his book in the Introduction – as do many authors. This (former) British diplomat says that there are four ideas that are at the heart of what he has written. These “simple” ideas (my words) are:

1)    In an increasingly interconnected system, … the action(s) of one individual or small group can affect the whole system very quickly.

2)    It is action that convinces others, not words. Show me, don’t tell me.

3)    Decision making is better when it includes the people most affected. Give people power and responsibility and they tend to use it wisely – and peacefully.

4)    We have lost agency. We need to take it back. We have become too detached from the decisions that are important to us.


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