A message to Enbridge   1 comment

Yinka Dene Alliance member Jasmine Thomas attended the Annual General Meeting of ENBRIDGE here in Canada, and here is just a snippet of what she had to say to Enbridge’s board and shareholders:

“I come from Saik’uz which is located in the heart of BC. Our community is affiliated with the Yinka Dene Alliance and we are a coalition of First Nations opposed to Northern Gateway who have never signed any treaties or have settled land claim agreements with Canada or the province…

JasmineThomas_photo_caption.jpgWe will continue to uphold our legal ban against this project and will assert our Aboriginal rights and title to the fullest extent possible. Whether Canada, or your company, decide to move forward with this pipe dream despite all opposition, thousands of Canadians have committed to hold the wall with us….

So my question to you Mr. Monaco, and your board is:

“Will Enbridge walk away from this doomed project, and if not, is Enbridge prepared to come to our communities, look our people in the eyes, and say face-to-face that Enbridge does not believe our nations have the authority to say NO to its unwanted project in our own unceded territories?””


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