Adding context; erasing deficits

IMG_0373My mind suffers from a “history deficit”.

The historical context of many events that are happening in Canadian society  is unknown to me, and I am grateful to those who offer lessons that expand my reality. One of the wonderful lessons is in the following post abut the Supreme Court’s recent decision on the Tsilhqot’in decision.

Ian Gill has published a blogpost that provided me with new insights on the context. For example, he writes:

“The Tsilhqot’in people had a history of bucking convention that stretched back to one of the great moments of resistance in B.C. history, the so-called Chilcotin War of 1864. Then, an attempt to build a road from Bute Inlet up to the Cariboo goldfields was brought to an abrupt and bloody end when several members of the road crew were killed; in retribution, six Tsilhqot’in men were arrested, tried and eventually hanged, even though they were later proven not to have taken part in the original war party.”

The full post, which helped me to reduce my “history deficit”, is available at:


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