Leadership Qualities

What makes a good leader for any organization?

Wesley Wes Granberg-Michaelson approaches this question in a reflection on the resignations of two prominent “leaders”.

“My experience in the worlds of both religion and politics convinces me that one of three issues is at the heart of the catastrophic demise of any leader — money, sex, or power. Sometimes it’s a trifecta of all three together, like the case of John Edwards, the former Democratic presidential candidate. But in virtually every case, a leader’s personal inability to exercise appropriate constraint and control over one or more of these three dimensions of life can lead to careers that crumble and reputations that become shattered.”


However, there is a positive aspect to Grandberg-Michaelson’s response as well.

At the end of the day, the inner qualities of a potential leader — and especially a president — can end up having huge external consequences. No, we can’t expect them to be saints. It’s a start, in fact, if they can at least recognize that they are sinners. And then we can hope and expect that they are living well-examined lives, that they have dealt with their inner demons, and that they are living by habits and practices that can integrate their deeper selves. From such leaders one can expect wisdom, courage, and discernment. Their internal work can externally affect millions for the good.”

Read the full reflection on qualities of a leader at: http://www.sojo.net/blogs/2015/06/04/duet-demise


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