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Remembering Dan Berrigan   Leave a comment


Daniel Berrigan, Roman Catholic priest, Christian prophet, and profound poet died on April 30, 2016, having made 94 trips around the sun.

A lengthy reflection by Jim Wallis can be found at:


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Holy Week 2016 – #4   Leave a comment


Jesus the Homeless

“Our spirituality is not what we profess to believe,

but how we order our lives.

Our stewardship of time, energy, material things, and relationship to our fellow creatures reflects the way we express that ordering of our lives.”

Margaret Guenther in “The Practice of Prayer”

A better way forward in a troubled world?   Leave a comment


IMG_2156A better way forward in a troubled world?

Why radical diplomatic reform is imperative!

If we are to avoid once more reaping the whirlwind generated by an over-reliance upon armed force, an entirely different approach will be required. Specifically, people everywhere will have to insist that diplomacy displace defence at the centre of international policy. Relative to the alternatives, diplomacy’s approach to the non-violent management of international relations through dialogue, negotiation and compromise is highly cost-effective.

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Can Increasing Inequality Be a Steady State? (2)   Leave a comment

Take Responsibility

Take Responsibility

Thomas Piketty’s book, Capital In The Twenty – First Century is selling very well.

Is this because people are concerned about the growing inequality of wealth (and incomes), or is it because, as Piketty writes, the current state of capitalism could be a threat to democracy as we know it?

Piketty, in the closing paragraph of his analysis, calls upon us all to be concerned. He writes:

“Yet it seems to me that all social scientists, all journalists and commentators, all activists in the unions and in politics of whatever stripe, and especially all citizens should take an interest in money, its measurement, the facts surrounding it, and its history. Those who have a lot of it never fail to defend their interests. Refusing to deal with numbers rarely serves the interests of the least well-off.”

For Christians, who believe in a Gospel message of God’s preferential option for the poor, Piketty’s words are a call to prophetic action.

Taking Climate Change Seriously   Leave a comment

Taking Climate Change Seriously

Cracked earth, Microstock Man /

Cracked earth, Microstock Man /

Climate change is about people, not just science and politics — it is an inter-generational ethics issue. The earth is the Lord’s, and in Genesis, God entrusts us with caring for Creation. The earth that we leave to future generations is already being changed by climate change, and so far, our nation has done little to stop climate pollution. The Clean Power Plan, announced Monday ( June 2, 2014) by the EPA, is a great step forward for our country in taking climate change seriously.

The policy will treat carbon the way it should be treated — as a pollutant that’s harming our health and our planet. It will reduce our carbon pollution 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030, but will allow each state the flexibility to decide how it reaches that goal.

The rule reflects some of the best values we hold dear. It will help prevent premature deaths and asthma attacks caused by smog and other air pollutants. But most importantly, it will reduce the pollution that fuels climate change. It’s clear that President Obama cares about the legacy he leaves to today and into future generations. While there is a lot more that can and should be done by this administration and by Congress, President Obama deserves our appreciation for embracing the common good and taking such a big step to preserve the earth for our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

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Canada means “village”. That is to say, we are all neighbours who are aware of each other, and care for each other. There is sufficient prosperity in our nation to enable everyone to live a full and rewarding life.

The Broadbent Institute reports that, “Apart from scandal, Parliament didn’t produce much in the just completed fall session – a grand total of three bills. But there was one ray of light, a Finance Committee report last week on one of our most serious problems, the growth of income inequality.

The report lays out the evidence of the growth in economic inequality in Canada, confirming the sustained rise of the income share of the top 1 per cent, and describes some of the key underlying causes, including changes in the labour market. But most experts cited seemed to agree that government policies have also worked to exacerbate the problem. “

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Hope brings us a different definition of “success”; different from the definition of that of the corporate, consumer, competitive society.

Success is “that which contributes to the well-being of our larger body, the web of life.

This hope-filled definition is from Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone’s book, Active Hope.