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Art in Reykjavik

“Economics is a useful tool, but it is neither a wise master nor a just god.”

Mary Jo Leddy

in her book, “Radical Gratitude”, page 21

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Coffee mug wisdom

Coffee mug wisdom

“Humans respond reliably not to information, but to meaning.

Not to knowledge, but to understanding.

The imperative is this:

Tell me if you must, but also show me; this is the ancient way of animals.”

Alanna Mitchell in her book, “Dancing at the Dead Sea”, page 219

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December, 2013 ice storm in Toronto

December, 2013 ice storm in Toronto

David Suzuki says that climate change is such a serious issue that humanity will have to do everything that we can imagine to overcome its negative effects.

One suggested “solution” to the problem of climate change is called geoengineering. Suzuki’s thoughts on this are found at:

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Winter, 2014

Winter, 2014

Today(March 20, 2014), people in the northern hemisphere mark the vernal equinox, or the beginning oaf Spring.

The past winter has been so cold in our area that many of the snowmen were seen wearing scarves.

Also, it has been reported that, on Bay Street in Toronto, it was so cold in the past winter that some had their hands in their own pockets.

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This is part of a poem called, “Travelling at Home” by Wendell Berry:

IMG_0315Even in a country you know by heart

it’s hard to go the same way twice.

The life of the going changes.

The chances change and make a new way.”

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“If you can imagine something, you can achieve it. One wish leads

to another. That’s not wishful thinking. That’s pragmatic. That changes

the world. And that’s why politics, which can be so frustrating,

can also be rewarding.”

Olivia Chow in her book, “My Journey”, page 301

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Received this note of good news that must be shared. The corporate controlled media may not do so:

Hi Allan,

I just got an email from a colleague in Brussels with some fantastic news.

Members of the European Parliament have passed a resolution to promote the protection of the Arctic environment. This is huge and it’s a massive step forward for our campaign!

The resolution calls for a conservation area in the waters around the North Pole. It also stresses the need for an agreement in the Arctic Council to prevent pollution from oil drilling (something which, astonishingly, the council currently doesn’t have) and calls for a ban on industrial fishing.

Now, I’m not breaking out the party hats just yet – it’s still early days for this resolution and as with all political processes, a lot still needs to happen before we see our goal become a reality.

But let’s take a moment to think about how far we’ve come: just two years ago, nobody was demanding a protected sanctuary around the North Pole. Since then, we’ve grown into a 5 million strong movement. We’ve taken part in peaceful protests, signed petitions and joined forces in hundreds of ways to challenge Shell, Gazprom and other Arctic oil drillers everywhere they go.

And today, our concerns have made it onto the agenda of one of the most powerful political bodies in the world. That’s pretty amazing.

If you’re on Facebook, you can share this good news image with your friends, or simply forward them this email.

We’re doing it. Let’s keep applying pressure and together, we can save the Arctic.

Yours hopefully,