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Harry Leslie Smith – adieu

Smith’s writing drew parallels between his own brushes with global crises of the past, and the current turmoil that affects marginalized groups. (Toronto Star – Submitted by the Smith family)

Harry Leslie Smith became a hero of the Millennial Generation in Canada and the United Kingdom because the youth of these nations recognize that neoliberal economics is simply a way to re-institute the feudal economic and social system of the past – a past that Harry describes in his book, “Harry’s Last Stand: How the world my generation built is falling down and what we can do about it”. This book contains many teachings about the exploitation of workers in the past, and what, collectively, working and middle class people did to improve life for all people.

Harry was interviewed by the CBC a year before his death, and that conversation can be found at: Senior podcaster Harry Leslie Smith says he’ll ‘drop dead’ before he stops fighting for equality

A short reprise of Harry’s life can be accessed at:

In the concluding paragraph of  “Harry’s Last Stand”, Harry wrote:

“While I am here I will keep doing all I can to fight against inequality and make my little patch of the earth a better place. Right now, however, it is very late, and I am very old, so I shall bid you goodnight, and a better tomorrow.”

The baton has now been passed to us. God bless you Harry!


Canadians are concerned about climate change

The results of a recent Canada-wide poll by Abacus Data demonstrates that 90 per cent of respondents are concerned about climate change.  What do Canadians think that elected officials ought to do about this crisis – such as adopt a method of carbon pricing? The results of this poll can be accessed at:


HOWEVER, in the world of politics, denial of the effectiveness of climate change solutions by those who are in elected positions seems to have morphed. An article in the Globe and Mail by Merran Smith and Dan Woynillowicz discusses the new methodology of climate change denial in the political arena.

Denial is not an option, and authentic political leaders understand that. What is needed is a congruence of words and actions in democratic countries, including Canada.